Helena, Daughter of Melora

Our Departure
Adventure 1

Elik Reef’s Adventure Journal

The Gang Sails on a Boat

After a run of the mill bar-“scuffle” (that ended in a few dead ruffians), my crew finally rounded itself out, with a businessman who can (kind of) shoot a bow, a pyromaniac tiefling (who I now know talks WAY too much), a stab happy half-orc, a gigantic ex-slave, a slightly less-gigantic ex-slave, and a drifter shifter shaman. Eclectic as it may be, they can all hold their own in a fight.

Leaving a pile of bodies at the bar, we were ready to pick up our totally legal supplies and head off the island. Apparently my new crewmates are nosy little buggers and instead of loading the ship, they were all trying to overhear what wonderful deals were going down. Typical. After greasing the palms at the customs check, we were on our way out of port for a nice, uneventful trip on to Palatik Trading Post. Or so I thought.

The Gang Runs from the Police

I apparently didn’t pay the customs guy enough. Within the hour of departing, I notice we’re being tailed by a Northern Alliance warship. A warship! I’m flattered. With some fancy boating and a lot of help from my new crewmates (I had no idea they were such sailors), we escaped. I was very keen on not getting any uptight paladin types who would whine the whole way, “We should turn ourselves in, we should do the right thing.” And my judge of my crew’s character was correct; they were all to eager to get far away from the Northern Alliance.

The Gang Smacks Some Dragon Worshipers

After a nice rest (I don’t know how those bunks held up that goliath), a new day started. Good weather up until midday, in which the sky so thick with clouds it looked like the dead of night. It was the mighty Sunsetter, a blue dragon almost the size of our ship. Fortunately, the dragon didn’t bother us, but his minions did.

Some kobolds appeared on our ship, ranting on and on about the great dragon empowers them and blah blah blah. The first real test for my crew. I ran to my quarters as fast as my bum leg let me. Clashing swords, chanted spells, and one in particularly loud tiefling could be heard from the top decks. Once all of the invaders had been dealt with, I came from my quarters. My crew was not in terribly good shape, especially Quillian and Kyliana. Fortunately, we experienced no more hiccups on our journey and arrived safely at Patalik Trading Post.

The Gang Defends a Trading Post

We arrive into welcome arms. My crew went into town to get some supplies, and it seems Kylie had made an enemy within 5 minutes of docking. Some cross words were exchanged, and then the whole town was involved as they had a nice private conversation yelled between the bar and her shop. Conveniently distracted by Flek Kliptif, the tiefling trading post owner, the crew joined us by the docks, seconds before some wizard was going to burn a shop to the ground. Flek was more than happy to provide payment for the goods, but asked if we could stick around to help with a goblin infestation. He talked about payment, and we happily agreed. Within moments, the town alarm was raised, and people were in a panic. Goblins arrived, stealing whatever they could get their hands on. My crew made short work of them, but a few escaped. One was left alive, however. Let’s see what secrets he holds…


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