Elik Reef

Captain of Helena


Very little mechanics. He has a few support warlord abilities, but prefers to stay out of combat. That’s why he hired all of you.


Elik has a long past, shown primarily by the many people who owe him favors. He is known to have ties in every town on Safewind Island. Some time ago, he procured his ship, Helena, and he has sailed her all across Safewind Bay and the shores of the island, but now he craves deeper oceans. While kind and jovial to everyone he meets, there’s always more to Elik than he gives on Is he running from a sordid past, or is he searching for something lost of his? Very few people know, and most of them you need a cleric to talk to.

Elik Reef

Helena, Daughter of Melora Wiithepiiple